Yellow underarm stains ? EWW Why? How ?


Yellow underarm stains on a white shirt are never a welcome sight – and here’s the kicker – those same stains are also lurking on colored shirts as well, just not as visible. First, a quick primer on what causes those stains; how to prevent them and how to remove the yellow stains

How does this happen to me?

Underarm stains are caused by the reaction between anti-perspirant ingredients and the salts in your sweat. Most anti-perspirants contain aluminum compounds to reduce wetness. It is the aluminum that causes the build-up and yellowing on fabrics. The stains don’t appear overnight, but without proper washing of shirts, may happen after continuous wear.

How can I prevent stains?

Wear an undershirt to help protect your more expensive outer shirt. However, if an extra layer is just not possible, try switching to an aluminum-free deodorant. Read the labels and you’ll find that anti-perspirants have varying levels of aluminum compounds. Choose a brand with the lowest aluminum content that still provides the protection you need.

After applying deodorant, allow it to dry before dressing to prevent rub-off on fabrics. If you don’t have time to wait, a couple of blasts of air from a hair dryer will do the trick.

If you have perspired while wearing a garment, wash or dry clean it as soon as possible. Stains are much harder to remove once they become set in. Keep a spray bottle of undiluted white distilled vinegar handy and spray the underarm areas before washing. The vinegar will help cut through any deodorant residue and reduce odor.

If you notice the beginnings of yellow stains, stop tossing the shirt in the dryer until you can treat the stain. The heat can set in residual stains making them almost impossible to remove. Dry shirts in the sun to increase whitening of fabrics and if that’s not possible, air dry indoors.

I understand from my personal exp, I also Encouter this stains many times with our customer's garments

and yes most of people use, myself, use deodorant products

but this is what I found out, somehow spray deodorant is less complicated to remove than a actual regualr gel or stick type deodorant maybe you want to think about switch over if this stains bothers you?

because deodorant is deodorant after all, there are no really female and male deodorant just my 2cents

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