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Cheap Dry cleaners VS Premium Dry Cleaners

Many of our or potential Customer do think about why Premium or Great , good Dry Cleaners are expensive than other so called value, cheap, discount dry cleaners.

very first thing to see the diffrence in these two type of cleaners are the price ! ! !

Dry cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive! By shopping around and asking a few key questions, you can find a cleaner in your area that is offering the best value.

Dry cleaning prices are very “elastic”. In most major metro areas, you can find an extremely wide range of prices being charged for dry cleaning. I’ve seen ranges as wide as $1.99 to $24.99 being charged to clean the same garment. Why such a big difference in price? Because, not all dry cleaning is the same. Dry cleaning is very “labor intensive”, so the majority of the production cost is directly attributed to the labor expense. So, along with the prices, you will also find an extremely wide range in the level of quality and service being provided from cleaner to cleaner.

So, before you race off looking for the cheapest cleaner in town, don’t forget the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Keep in mind, there are countless ways to cut corners in a dry cleaning business and, in order to make a profit, the lower priced cleaners are forced to cut a lot of corners. At these “discount” cleaners, they may be using dirty solvent or not adding detergent to it. So, the dirt, grime, and nasty from other people’s clothes may transfer to your clothes. They may not attempt to remove stains by hand. If a stain doesn’t come out in the machine, they’ll just slap a “sorry” tag on it. You can usually forget about getting a button replaced or any other minor repair work done complimentary. They won’t have time for that kind of service. They sometimes don’t even press your clothes. They use “steam tunnels” instead of presses. The effect is similar to hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower. Some of the wrinkles may fall out, but its a far cry from professional pressing. They most likely won’t use any “sizing”. Sizing is an expensive additive that does for your clothes what conditioner does for your hair. They’ll probably skip the deodorant additive and the anti-static chemicals as well. So, your clothes may come back with a funky chemical smell or be covered in lint.

On the other hand, there is absolutely no reason to over pay for dry cleaning. The best value for your dry cleaning dollar can usually be found near the “middle range” in price. The cleaners charging average prices are often providing “full service” at a reasonable price. As you shop around, you should interview the cleaners you try. Here are a few bold questions to ask them. A good cleaner, worthy of your patronage, will not be insulted by these questions and they should be able to answer them.

  • I’m shopping for a “full service” cleaner. Could you please walk me through the basic steps that you will be taking with my clothes?

  • Does your spotter work on stains before and after they go into the machine?

  • Do you replace missing buttons and do minor repair work without being asked?

  • Do you have an inspector who checks the quality before the clothes are packaged?

  • If I’m not happy with the way my clothes come back, will you reprocess them free of charge?

  • Do you offer free pick-up and delivery service to my home or office?

When striking a balance between price and service, don’t forget to consider the substantial savings and benefits you get from free delivery service. Having your clothes delivered will save you the time, the hassle and the gas of going to the cleaner yourself. In addition to full service cleaning, a good cleaner should provide twice a week delivery service, require no minimum order, and offer monthly billing, all at average prices. The best thing about free delivery is always having a closet full of clean clothes. Once you get in the habit of sending in a small order once or twice a week, you’ll never run out of clean clothes again!

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